CARPE DIEM 2 及时行乐2

Fred Dervin


Carpe Diem 2 was produced in a four-year period (although it was signed in 2022). The piece summarizes the three sections that compose this exhibition: inner peace and tranquility (the character looks relaxed, meditating), simple pleasures (a lake, nature), gentle interactions (the character looks as if they were composed of individual parts from different people). With the art pieces assembled here, Carpe Diem has taken on further meanings than seize the moment or enjoy life while you can. Carpe Diem also means trusting self and other while being realistic, gentle, honest and modest; it also urges us to balance everything that we say and do with others, and to observe how we construct who we are in meaningful and sometimes treacherous ways for others so that we can live as peaceful and meaningful a life as we can. 

《Carpe Diem 2》是在四年内创作的(尽管它在2022年签名)。这部作品概括了组成这次展览的三个部分:内心的平静与宁静(角色看起来放松,正在冥想)、简单的快乐(湖泊、自然)以及温和的互动(角色看起来像是由不同人的个体部分组成的)。 通过这里展示的艺术作品,《Carpe Diem》已经超越了“抓住现在”或“尽情享受人生”的含义。它同时也意味着在保持现实、温柔、诚实和谦虚的同时,信任自己和他人;它也敦促我们在与他人交流时平衡我们所说和所做的一切,并观察我们是如何以有意义、有时甚至是危险的方式构建自己的身份,以便我们能够过上尽可能和平而有意义的生活。

BIODATA - 艺术家简介

A renowned scholar in the field of intercultural communication and education, Fred Dervin (Chinese name: 文德 Wende) is also an artist. He holds two PhDs (Sorbonne University in Paris and University of Turku, Finland), is a full professor and PhD supervisor at the University of Helsinki, Finland.  Dervin also holds several distinguished and visiting professorships in Australia, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Sweden, as well as in other Finnish universities. Dervin has published internationally on questions of identity, interculturality and mobility/migration (over 150 articles and 80 books). His interest in art began when he was a teenager and has continued to grow over the decades. Over the past decade, he has produced artworks in China and Finland to showcase his scientific ideas. His commitment to the arts has also influenced his personal research (e.g. the benefits of arts education for intercultural communication). For decades he has collected and specialized in Finnish art from the mid-20th century and since 2015 he has been actively involved in producing his own art in relation to his research work. In his 2022 book entitled Interculturality in Fragments: A Reflexive Approach (Springer), he included 10 of his works of art to stimulate his readers to think beyond words about intercultural communication and education. He is just about to publish a book on art and interculturality in education (Palgrave Macmillan, 2023).

Dervin is interested in the complexity of depicting faces in his art work by using different techniques. Interestingly, the Finnish word "face", "kasvot", always appears in the plural, which piqued his curiosity about the human face. This interest also comes from his scientific research on identity and intercultural communication, as well as his experience of living in different parts of the world.